AIC Reopening Notice | Jummah Prayer Update (November 3, 2021)

Selamun Aleykum,

Anatolia Islamic Centre is excited to announce that with the latest COVID-19 reopening guidelines from the Ontario government, the fully vaccinated jama’ah can now perform the Jummah Prayers with capacity restrictions removed (pray shoulder-to-shoulder). As for the Unvaccinated/Not-Fully Vaccinated individuals, special area will be designated for ONLY online registered jama’ah with social distancing rules in place. REGISTRATION is still MANDATORY for everyone.

If you are fully vaccinated and willing pray shoulder-to-shoulder with Jama’ah, you must present the Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate with QR code for scanning upon arrival. Click here to download the vaccine certificate.

Before attempting to register, please complete COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONNNAIRE.

Please read the guidelines shared below for your and other’s safety. You must register online and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. All individuals attending Jummah Prayers will need to register online on a first come first served basis; the link will not accept further entries once the limit has been reached as per the guidelines provided by the provincial government. For more information about the provincial guidelines, please visit this link:

We urge all our attendees to help us by following the below guideline:

  • Online registration is mandatory for everyone.
  • If you’re fully vaccinated, please have the QR code on your enhanced vaccine certificate ready to be scanned. Third party vaccine proof will not be accepted.
  • Bring your proof of registration when you arrive at the door for check-in
  • Do NOT come if you are feeling sick, or having any symptoms of illness, or have any pre-existing conditions that put into the high-risk category.
  • You must bring your own masks, prayer mat, chair, and a bag for your shoes.
  • Please make Wudu at home.
  • 6 foot (2 meters) social distancing enforced for Unvaccinated / Not-Fully Vaccinated Prayer areas.

Jummah Prayer Details:

  • First Jummah: Khutba 12:30 PM | Salah 12:45 PM
  • Second Jummah: Khutba 1:30 PM | Salah 1:45 PM
  • Online Registration for Jummah Prayers will take place every Thursdays at 8pm
  • You must bring the online reservation ticket with you and have your QR CODE ready to be scanned (printed or via mobile device).
  • If you are attending as a Fully Vaccinated Individual with no Social Distancing rules, the Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate must be presented with QR code for scanning upon arrival.
  • We will not allow congregants without registration and/or enhanced vaccine certificate (no exception)

Disclaimer: While the safety of our congregants is our top priority, there is still some risk present with visiting the masjid. Each individual bears responsibility  for their own actions and Anatolia Islamic Centre will not be liable for any complications in connection with or arising from your visit to the masjid.

Thank you for your understanding!

AIC Management