Islamic Community Milli Gorus (ICMG) Canada Visits Church in show of solidarity and sympathy after Sri Lanka terror attacks

Solidarity between Muslim communities and Christian communities continues after the attacks on Easter Rites in Sri Lanka on Sunday (April 21st). Representatives of the ICMG congregation visited the churches to show unity and solidarity with the Christian communities in Canada.

When we heard about this abhorrent terrorist attacks targeting innocent people in Sri Lanka, we realized that this was a black day. These types of terrorist acts will never be forgetten. We see this attack as an attack on all humanity. In Surah 32, Verse 5 of the Qur’an, it is expressed that: “Whoever kills a person is like killing all people. Whoever saves a life is like saving all people’s lives.”

In this sense, we feel the pain of each of the innocent people who are the targets of these attacks. We share the pain of all Christians who are the main target of this abhorrent attack. Their suffering is our pain.

The Goal of Terrorism is to Divide Our Society

Emphasizing that the main goal of terrorism is to divide societies, representatives of the ICMG have given the message that they will never allow this and will make social cohesion more solid than ever before. It was stated that the same unity and solidarity were realized for the Muslim community in the aftermath of the attack in Christchurch and this was a great source of power for the Muslim community.

We want to share your pain and show that we are in solidarity with you. Even though we have different beliefs, we want you to know that you have neighbors who feel like you and share your pain in a sincere way. We would like to express that the points that unite us are more than the points separating us from each other.


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