PRESS RELEASE #2: AIC Closure Notice Due to COVID-19


March 17, 2020

RE: Anatolia Islamic Centre Closure Notice Due to COVID-19

Esselamun Alaykum, Dear Community Members;

With the rapidly changing circumstances of the COVID-19 virus, how we protect ourselves and others is of paramount importance. The preservation of life takes precedence over everything else. Anatolia Islamic Centre therefore kindly advises everyone to follow the advice coming from the local authorities.  In order to keep yourselves, your loved ones and the public safe, Anatolia Islamic Centre has decided to suspend all congregational activities including daily prayers and other programs until further notice, effective immediately.

As individuals, we have a public duty to protect one another from the virus, and it is evident the most effective way to do this now is to avoid social contact as much as possible. This includes all walks of life, whether social, work or the mosque. Also, let us not forget the members of our communities who are vulnerable and socially isolated at risk especially the elderly. We should support one another, and work with friends, family and neighbours to ensure no one is left behind. We should support them with their necessary needs such as shopping, obtaining medicines and other urgent supplies. This is a service open to all, regardless of faith. As our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Seek out the vulnerable among you. Verily, you are only given provision and support due to your support of the weak.”

Anatolia Islamic Centre is confident that the Muslim community will undertake the difficult measures needed in such unprecedented times and put our trust in Allah.

We pray that Allah (SWT) will make it easy for all of us and keep everyone safe.


AIC Administration