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This event is running from 19 March 2021 until 11 March 2022. It is next occurring on January 28, 2022 1:30 PM

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Second Jummah Prayer Notice
Registration will open on Thursday at 8pm


Due to the recent changes to the Covid-19 restrictions, Anatolia Islamic Centre will be performing two Jummah Prayers with 50% capacity social distancing enforced. Please read the guidelines shared below for your and other’s safety. By registering online, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. All individuals attending Jummah will need to register online on a first come first served basis; the link will not accept further entries once the limit has been reached as per the guidelines provided by the provincial government. For more information about the provincial guidelines, please visit this link:


If you are fully vaccinated and willing pray shoulder-to-shoulder with Jama’ah, you must present the Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate with QR code for scanning upon arrival. Click here to download the vaccine certificate.

Before attempting to register, please complete COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONNNAIRE.

We request everyone to abide by the Covid-19 guidelines mentioned below.  As required by the Ontario Government, if the below guidelines are not followed, you will NOT be permitted to enter the facility.  PLEASE REVIEW THESE GUIDELINES CAREFULLY for the sake of everyone’s safety:

  1. All congregants coming to attend the prayers at AIC MUST WEAR A MASK. Bring your face masks and wear it at all times. Make sure the mask covers both your mouth and your nose.
  2. You must bring a PRAYER RUG with you and fold it appropriately so inside does not touch the outside.
  3. Make WUDU AT HOME.
  4. MAINTAIN 6 FEET (2 m)  distance from everyone at all times for Unvaccinated / Not-Fully Vaccinated Prayer areas.
  5. USE HAND SANITIZER  before leaving your car and after you touch any surfaces within the mosque.
  6. When entering the mosque, please proceed to one of the MARKED SPOTS on the floor.
  7. Bring a plastic bag with you to put YOUR SHOES and take it with you and keep these next to you.
  8. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY after performing fard salah. Sunnah or nafl prayers should be done at home.
  9. DON’T CROWD around any spot within or outside the centre or in the parking lot.
  10. If you are FEELING SICK, or having ANY SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS, or have any PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS that put you into the high-risk category, you will not be allowed to enter the masjid.

Appeal for the Masjid:

If anyone has any critical cleaning/disinfecting supplies at home, please share with the masjid as these will be immensely helpful in keeping your brothers and sisters safe.  These could include:

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Disinfecting wipes and sprays
  • Non-surgical masks
  • Gloves

The Masjid can’t be maintained during this critical period without your financial support through Sadaqa and Zakat. Please be generous with your donation for the house of Allah. For general donations, please visit our website to DONATE.

Anatolia Islamic Centre is confident that the Muslim community will undertake the difficult measures needed in such unprecedented times and put our trust in Allah.

Disclaimer: While the safety of our congregants is our top priority, there is still some risk present with visiting the masjid. Each individual bears responsibility  for their own actions and Anatolia Islamic Centre will not be liable for any complications in connection with or arising from your visit to the masjid.


Online registration is required to attend the Jummah Prayers.  Please use THIS LINK TO REGISTER .

Please read the waiver and the COVID-19 guidelines and answers the questions accurately.  If you do not register you will not be permitted to enter the masjid and there is no exception.  There is limited capacity for the Jummah Prayer so please register during the announced time frame. If you register but do not show up for your reservation, you’ll be denied to enter our facility for Friday Prayers. No Exceptions!

  • Jummah Prayer 2: Khutba  1:30 PM | Salah 1:45 PM 
  • You must bring the online reservation ticket with you and have your QR CODE ready to be scanned (printed or via mobile device).
  • Please arrive only 15-20 minutes prior to the start time
  • Online Registration for Jummah Prayers will take place every Thursdays at 8pm
  • We will not allow jama’ah without registration (no exception)!


AIC Administration