Funeral Services

“To Allah we belong and to Him is our return” – Quran 2:156

By the Grace of Allah (swt), AIC Muslim Association is adequately equipped to provide all necessary services pertaining to death and burial. The Association has a designated space for performing ghusl (washing) of the dead body in its funeral parlour.

Putting families first, we maintain the highest standards to provide professional quality care in everything we do. Upon the death of a loved one, many people have questions about funerals and funeral services. We hope the following pamphlet can assist you during this moment of need.

The hardest thing you will ever have to do is to say goodbye to some one you love or care for. However, as Muslims we should accept the ultimate and submit to the wish of Allah (swt) our Creator, with patience; and pray for mercy and forgiveness for the deceased. Alhamdulillah, AIC has the facilities and a team of caring volunteers to assist you with the funeral arrangement. The cost, to meet our expenses, is nominal.

The services offered by the AIC include but are not limited to*:

  • Removing the deceased’s body from place of death and transporting to our local facility (removal for females is done by females only).
  • Washing and shrouding of body by qualified personnel (females handled by females only).
  • Providing casket and Kafn (shroud).
  • Transporting casketed remains to determined place of Janazah prayer.
  • Transporting remains from Janazah prayer to cemetery.
  • Preparing death certificate.
  • Shipping option available to anywhere in the world.

* All preparations are done under strict Islamic guidelines.

Burial Services – Cemetery

AIC has access to an Islamic burial ground. The purchase of the gravesite and making the necessary arrangements can be completed by contacting our office.

The burial services available are as follows:

  • Same day burial is possible
  • Monday to Saturday – regular services
  • Sunday and holidays – the cemetery may impose additional charges

Estimated Costs

Plot: $TBA
Ghusl: $TBA
Transportation: $TBA
Other: $TBA

Prior Burial – Mortuary and Ghusl (Bathing the deceased)

We have a well-equipped mortuary to give ghusl (bathing) and prepare the body for burial in a wooden casket, as required by the law. There is also a refrigerated room for the storage of the deceased, if required. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day (both brothers and sisters) to give the ghusl and prepare the body, if needed.


To prevent an autopsy from occurring we strongly recommend that you and your family visit your local doctor once or twice every three months for a medical check-up. If a death occurs in the family, inform the police, ambulance and/or hospital staff of your local doctor and ask the authorities to place the deceased on hold until your doctor arrives to issue a Medical Death Certificate.

Once the above steps are completed contact the funeral parlor office on (905) 629-0477 and we will make arrangements for the funeral of your loved one.

Salatul Janazah (Prayer for the deceased)

The Salatul Janazah can be performed in Anatolia Islamic Centre. There are separate prayer areas for men and women. Non-Muslim friends are welcome in the mosque for funeral services; however, the proper dress code is expected.
NOTE: Please be advised that funeral services operated by the AIC are in no way associated with Islamic Cemetery Trust with the AIC having no bearing or influence on the fees charged by the Trust.

For more details contact our funeral parlor or AIC Representative at (905) 629-0477.