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An Apology from the Toronto Sun

Correction by The Toronto Sun 

The Toronto Sun has published an apology for the untrue and biased comments made by their columnist, Candice Malcolm about our centre and our Imam.  Detailed information about the article and the apology can be found  here.  Below is the apology that was published on the Toronto Sun newspapers on October 28, 2018 on page 4, in the below left section.

“A Friday May 4 column by Candice Malcolm published in the Toronto Sun detailed controversy over Canada Summer Jobs grants and while quoting controversial past statements by the by the centre’s Imam wrongly suggested the Anatolia Islamic Centre itself had a history of supporting anti-gay comments. In a subsequent column, Malcolm wrongly suggested the Anatolia Islamic Centre had a history of supporting terror groups which is untrue. The Sun Regrets the errors.” 

For more information click here .


– Anatolia Islamic Centre

OP-ED: Recklessness with truth has dire consequences for targeted minorities

 Op-Ed from the ICMG Anatolia Islamic Centre

“…. the Canadian media record reveals a consistent unacceptable pattern of defaming Canadian Muslims and Muslim organizations and then issuing quiet, back-page apologies long after the irreparable damage has been done. The effect of these false claims lasts a lot longer than the news cycle.”
 This past spring, Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm published a series of opinion articles in which she made multiple claims about the Anatolia Islamic Centre, the stance of our organization on LGBTQ rights, and our access to government funding for programming. Not only were these claims categorically false, but they are also part of a more general trend of reckless misreporting about Muslims — a practice that has dire consequences for our shared communities in the current political environment of anti-Muslim hatred, divisive rhetoric and mistrust of the media.
We understand that challenging false claims with facts is not an effective way to shift problematic thinking; however, it is worth noting that Malcolm willingly published the following inaccuracies about our organization: she claimed we have “a history of anti-gay rhetoric” when there has never been, at any time, an active member of our Centre who made any homophobic statements; she claimed our imam was caught making anti-gay statements in 2013, when a basic internet search will reveal that he was not only not an employee of the centre but he has apologized and completely altered his position; she claimed we did not respond to inquiries about our stance on abortion when, in fact, we were never approached to answer such a question (which a thorough check of all email addresses and phone numbers connected to the Centre revealed); she implied in another article published the next day that we have a history of supporting terror groups — a libelous claim which has no grounding in reality. Not only are her arguments unfounded and erroneous, they are also very easily debunked. This points to a much deeper problem: a potential willingness among writers (whether journalists, columnists or bloggers) to fabricate sensational stories to appeal to an unsuspecting audience — one which is already the recipient of countless anti-Muslim messages on a daily basis.
In fact, the Canadian media record reveals a consistent unacceptable pattern of defaming Canadian Muslims and Muslim organizations and then issuing quiet, back-page apologies long after the irreparable damage has been done. The effect of these false claims lasts a lot longer than the news cycle. Canadian Muslim communities bear an increasing weight of social exclusion and discrimination — something which misleading news stories entrench and exacerbate. In fact, a 2016 study by Abacus Data determined that Muslims are among the most discriminated against of all groups in Canadian society and with hate crimes against Muslims increasing exponentially over the last few years including a rise in bullying of Muslim students. This is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this issue: the potential to confirm the hateful biases of potentially-violent individuals radicalized by anti-Muslim hatred and ultimately give them a sense of legitimacy in taking things into their own hands.
In recent incidents, prominent hate groups have taken it upon themselves to spread anti-Muslim hate through flyers and hate ralliesrip up Qur’ans and harass Muslim worshippers, and even vandalize and perpetrate arson attacks on mosques. Of course, a clear case in point is Alexandre Bissonette, the white nationalist, anti-feminist Quebec Mosque shooter. Bissonette was known for his anti-Muslim views inspired by false information long before he pulled the trigger that took the lives of Azzeddine Soufiane, Khaled Belkacemi, Ibrahima Barry, Mamadou Tanou Barry, Abdelkrim Hassane and Boubaker Thabti.
Canadians deserve better. We deserve to be able to trust media outlets and journalists. We deserve to know the truth about Muslims and Muslim organizations contributing to society, not to be fed false stories that further separate us from one another. We deserve to know more about the work of mosques like Anatolia are doing to create positive spaces, promote cross-community dialogue, and serve humanity.
– Anatolia Islamic Centre

4th Annual Anatolia Eid Festival on July 8th, 2018



ICMG Anatolia Islamic Centre Presents its Annual Eid Festival!

2018 marks our 4th Annual Eid Festival.  Ramadan Eid (Eid’ul Fitr) Festival is organized to unite the Greater Toronto Area Muslim Canadian community in celebration. This holiday marks the end of the holy month of fasting, Ramadan, which over 1.6 billion Muslims observe across the world. During Eid-al-Fitr Muslims celebrate in various ways including festivals, family and communal events, gatherings over food, music, art or entertainment. Our goal is to provide a one of a kind and uniting event for the Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area to celebrate Ramadan Eid / Ramazan Bayramı together. Although this event will be hosted in honor of the Islamic holiday, we also aim to create a public platform of entertainment and fun for residents, especially children all across the GTA to enjoy!

Anatolia Eid Festival, arranged by dedicated volunteers from the local Muslim communities, is geared at people of all ages and all cultures. From diverse and delicious food vendors to carnival rides and face painting, we strive to bring it all.

The fun filled family event will include:
– Rides, Games,
– Food Court
– Bazaar
– Face Paints & Henna

We invite you to join us in this unique event as a sponsor, a volunteer, a vendor or even as a guest enjoying the many wonderful activities and programs we have for you.

Spread the word and share with us in this joyous holiday.

More information:

ICMG Anatolia Islamic Centre
5280 Maingate Drive
Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 1G5
P: (905) 629-0477
C: (416) 476-9835
F: (905) 629-3311
Event Website:


Scenes from daily Ramadan Iftar Program at Anatolia Islamic Centre

The Anatolia Islamic Centre Ramadan Iftar Program is sponsored by the community every year. This includes the dates, dinner, supplies, cleaning etc. Please participate in this program by contributing in any way possible. Allah (SWT) offers great rewards for feeding the fasting persons. We schedule dinner donations to avoid overlapping and provide balance, so please contact us to book a date in advance.


May Allah SWT reward us all bountifully, as we seek His pleasure during this blessed month. To donate, schedule dinners, or contribute in any way, please contact:

Br. Abdusselam at 416 827 3614 or

Anatolia Motivation Conference (October 7th, 2017)


  • TheSecond Annual Anatolia Motivation ConferenceTheme: Beacons of Light – The Legacy of the 4 Imams
    – Imam Abu Hanifah,
    – Imam Ash-Shafi’i,
    – Imam Malik,
    – Imam Ahmad ibn HanbalOn behalf of the Conference Planning Committee and ICMG Anatolia Islamic Centre, it is our great pleasure to extend a warm invitation to join us for our 2nd Annual Anatolia Motivation Conference. The conference will be held all day on October 7, 2017 at ICMG Anatolia Islamic Centre, Ottoman Hall.

    Why do we need to follow a specific school of thought or madhab when we have direct access to Qur’an and Hadith? Why different Madhabs have different opinions on the same issue? Many Muslims have these questions in their minds with great significance since it directly relates to our life in this world and hereafter. Four great Imams of fiqh and their schools of thought add great value to the Islamic jurisprudence. Differences of opinions in the matters of fiqh is the richness of Islam. Mark your calendars for October 7, 2017, come and learn about the legacy of the 4 Imams under the theme of Beacons of Light.


    1. Shaykh Alaa Elsayed
    2. Dr. Hamid Slimi
    3. Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
    4. Sr. Bilkis Al-Haddad
    5. Sr. Leena Bukhari
    6. Sr. Bilkis Al-Haddad
    7. Dr. Mustafa Khattab
    8. Qari Bilal Gülmez

    – Hasene
    – Maingate Islamic Academy
    – ICMG

    – Bazaar
    – Food
    – Babysitting

    For more information, please check the below links.

    Email: info@anatoliamotivations.comAdress:
    ICMG Anatolia Islamic Centre, Ottoman Hall
    5280 Maingate Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 1G5

    Adult – $10 Early Bird Price (will be $15 after September 10th)
    Child – $5 Early Bird Price ( ages 4-12 incudes babysitting)
    Babysitting Service – $5

    For ONLINE ticket Sale, please visit the below link:

    Anatolia Motivation Conference Program (TBD)

    START: 12:00 PM Registration
    QUR’AN: 1:00 Program begins with a recitation of the Quran, Imam Bilal Gülmez
    Lecture 1: 1:05—1:35
    Prayer: 1:30 PM Zuhr
    Lecture 2: 1:40—2:00
    Lecture 3: 2:00—2:25
    Prayer: 2:30 PM Asr
    LUNCH: 2:40 PM – 3:50 PM Lunch break
    Lecture 4: 3:50—4:20
    Lecture 5: 4:20—4:40
    Awards: 5:00—5:15 Granting Awards
    Lecture 6: 5:20—5:40 Sr.
    Lecture 7 5:45—6:20
    Prayer 6:30 PM Isha
    Lecture 8: 6:45—7:15
    Lecture 9: 7:20—7:45
    Lecture 10: 7:50—8:30
    Lecture 11: 8:30—9:00
    END 9:00PM

Verse 47:2

As for those who believe, do good, and have faith in what has been revealed to Muḥammad—which is the truth from their Lord—He will absolve them of their sins and improve their condition.

(Quran 47:2)