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Where will the money go?

The overwhelming majority of the funds we receive are put towards covering the monthly operating expenses (administrative fees, employee salaries, etc.) of the masjid and investing a portion of the funds into future growth. That is why every funding plan begins with “cover monthly expenses” and “complete masjid maintenance.”

Furthermore, we regularly set aside a budget to help determine how much money could be used towards supporting community programs and events

Can I stop my monthly donation at any time?

Yes you can. When you choose to donate today you will have the option of creating a free PayPal account which will allow you to edit all of your recurring donations. This means you can choose to cancel your monthly donation at anytime.

Can I write you a check instead?

Yes, you can send a cheque too. You can write a cheque to the name of “Anatolia Islamic Centre” and then give it in person at our office or send it by mail to:

Anatolia Islamic Centre
5280 Maingate Drive
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
L4W 1G5